Farewell for Now: Summer Hiatus

We’ve enjoyed sharing new articles, research, and thought-provoking opinion pieces with you over the past year. The NYCCEP Blog will be taking a break over the summer, just like you, but we’ll be back in full force in the fall!

Stay informed:
We have a list of our favorite Barnard-related blogs under the “Links & Resources” page. We’ll be updating that page soon with additional social justice-focused blogs and news sources.

Don’t forget about our website!:
The NYCCEP website will continue to be updated with great resources – everything from funding to fellowships to job and internship search sites. You can check it all out at barnard.edu/nyccep/resources.

Have a question?:
If you have any questions, the NYCCEP staff will be spending their summer in 224 Milbank – so feel free to stop by, write an email, or give us a call. All of our information is listed on the right.

Have a wonderful summer, and we’ll see you back here next semester ready to make an even bigger impact on our community!


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